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Long Island Search and Rescue

                                 "These things we do ...

                                              that others may live"

Grid Readers 

To make grid readers, download PDF of grid reader you want and print onto clear transparencies. Make sure your printer is set to print page as "actual size" or set to 100% scaling. Failure to do this may result in a grid reader that is not accurate. Laminate all grid readers with a .5ml sheet.


Center punch all corner grid readers in the corner so you can use grid readers with your pencil. Make center hole in all protractors and attach a string to make protractor easier to use.


Please contact LISAR if you would like us to make you any of the grid readers provided below. Email here


1) This is the 1:24000 scale grid readers commonly used in search and rescue. This can be used for 8 students. Each set contains a grid overlay and a corner reader.

Click here to download the protractor.

2) This is a protractor which has orienteering lines on it as well as many of the 1:24000 tools that members of Long Island Search and Rescue use. Included is a meter scale, a grid overlay, a corner grid reader, an area estimator. This is the tool we use when Long Island Search and Rescue gives our 24 hour map, compass and navigation class. (More information on the class can be found by emailing Heidi or Chris here.

Click here to download the protractor.

3) This grid reader sheet contains the common grid readers that Long Island Search and Rescue use when we go on a call out or train.

Click here to download the grid reader