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Long Island Search and Rescue

                                 "These things we do ...

                                              that others may live"

Why is Long Island Search and Rescue Needed?

Professionally trained search and rescue volunteers are a critical resource for the lost and missing persons in the United States. Law enforcement and emergency management personnel, particularly at the local level, may not have the resources to conduct a search alone.While they provide the critical command and coordinating functions during a search, they may not be able to put enough search teams in the field, or traverse much of the difficult terrain, without specially trained volunteers to help aid the effort. Moreover, much of LE efforts must now be devoted to homeland security, hazardous materials and disaster response.

There are thousands of lost and missing persons incidents reported every year in the US. These include lost and abducted children, missing outdoor enthusiasts, Alzheimer patients, boaters, downed aircraft and others.

By some reports in America there are more than 30,000 wandering Alzheimer patients reported missing from their homes or care facilities annually. Only a very few return on their own. Almost half of these critical wanderers may die if not found within the first 24 hours. Many more die in forests and wooded areas.

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